The gold standard of boxing coaching.
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About John

John’s coaching career in combat sports is nothing short of remarkable, demonstrating an unparalleled ability to guide fighters to the pinnacle of their respective divisions. His achievements span multiple organizations and weight classes, showcasing his versatile and effective coaching methods.
A force to be reckoned with in the One Championship heavyweight division, Malykhin’s success can be attributed to John’s meticulous coaching, which has helped him secure world titles and maintain an impressive record within the organization.
Yan’s capture of the UFC Bantamweight title is a testament to John’s coaching prowess, especially considering Yan’s rapid ascent in one of the most competitive divisions in the UFC. Under John’s guidance, Yan has developed into a well-rounded fighter known for his striking, grappling, and fight IQ.
As part of the next generation of the Tszyu boxing dynasty, Tim’s rise in the super welterweight division has been meteoric. John’s coaching has fine-tuned Tim’s technique, power, and strategic approach to boxing, allowing him to follow in the footsteps of his legendary father, Kostya Tszyu.
Like his brother, Nikita has benefited from John’s coaching, making his own mark in the boxing world. Under John’s guidance, Nikita has honed his skills and is on the path to making his own legacy in the sport.
Loughnane’s success in mixed martial arts, particularly in the featherweight division, can be significantly attributed to John’s coaching. His improvements in striking, wrestling, and fight strategy have made him a formidable opponent in any bout.
Andrade’s rise in the bantamweight division is a clear indicator of John’s ability to develop fighters with a strong ground game and striking ability. Under John’s tutelage, Andrade has become a well-rounded fighter capable of competing at the highest level.
With John’s guidance, Tang Kai has made significant strides in the featherweight division, showcasing a striking prowess that has overwhelmed many opponents. His technical improvements and strategic mind have been key factors in his success.
John’s coaching philosophy evidently transcends the boundaries of martial arts disciplines, proving effective in both MMA and boxing. His ability to adapt and tailor his coaching to the needs of each fighter is a hallmark of his success. The champions he has produced are a testament to his exceptional skills as a coach, mentor, and strategist in the world of combat sports.

KO power

John stands as one of the best coaches, showcasing a remarkable talent for empowering MMA fighters with exceptional boxing skills and knockout power. His coaching prowess consistently leads to fighters securing KO bonuses, illustrating his expertise in developing winning strategies.

UFC & ONE boxing coach.

John, renowned as the gold standard coach for refining striking skills in Thailand, is now amplifying his expertise in training camps. Elite athletes gearing up for super fights can access his unparalleled coaching prowess, solidifying his pivotal role in the realm of comprehensive combat sports training.

KO power

John is by far one of the best coaches, demonstrating a great ability to equip MMA fighters with excellent boxing and KO power.